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Frequently Asked Questions



What is TheLottoSite?

TheLottoSite is an online, web based, wheel generation tool for lotto games. Since the software runs in our servers, you only need a web browser to use it. Learn more about lottery wheels on our help page.

What is a full lotto wheel?

A full lotto wheel or a lotto system is the set of all possible combinations of multiple numbers. You can find a more detailed explanation on lotto wheels on our help pages.

What is an abbreviated lotto wheel?

An abbreviated lotto wheel is a full wheel that is reduced by using minimal guarantees or/and a set of filters. You can therefore minimize the amount of money you must pay to play such lottery wheel.

Which type of lotto wheels do you support?

We support both types of lotto wheels. To do a full wheel just select no filters and select a guarantee whith both minimum and maximum set to the base number (the number of balls draw on each drawing) of the lotto game.

How to win MegaMillions, Powerball, Illinois Little Lotto, etc?

Winning the first prize of a lotto game will always be difficult due to the huge number of possible combinations. The use of lotto wheels increase your chances because of the mathematical distribution of numbers. Besides that, the utilization of filters together with the statistics, can help you finding possible flaws on the random distribution of numbers. The drawn balls, because they are physical objects, have some small differences in weight, shape and texture that can give advantages to some numbers in relation to others.

Which games are supported by TheLottoSite?

TheLottoSite is preconfigured with several lottery games, so that you can start wheeling immediately. However, TheLottoSite supports any lotto game since it allows users to create their own games via the manage games page. You only need to supply a few parameters! If you have troubles creating your favorite lotto game don't hesitate to ask advice from our support team.

For your reference, here follows a list of all predefined lotto games on TheLottoSite:
AT - Lotto
AU - 6 from 38 Pools
AU - Lotto (mon,wed)
AU - Lotto (sat)
AU - OZ Lotto
AU - Powerball
BE - EuroMillions
BE - EuroMillions (50+9)
BE - Lotto
BR - Dupla Sena
BR - Loto Fácil
BR - Mega Sena
BR - Quina
CA - Lotto 649
CA - Lotto Super 7
CH - EuroMillions
CH - EuroMillions (50+9)
DE - Lotto
ES - Bonoloto
ES - El Gordo
ES - EuroMillones
ES - EuroMillones (50+9)
ES - La Lotto 6/49
ES - La Primitiva
FR - EuroMillions
FR - EuroMillions (50+9)
FR - Loto
FR - Loto (avant 2008)
IN - Fast Lotto
IN - Super Lotto
PT - EuroMilhões
PT - EuroMilhões (50+9)
PT - Loto2
PT - Totoloto
PT - Totoloto (antigo)
TR - On Numara
UK - DailyPlay
UK - EuroMillions
UK - EuroMillions (50+9)
UK - Lotto
UK - Thunderball
US - Illinois Little Lotto
US - MegaMillions
US - Powerball


What are the Terms of Use of TheLottoSite?

To read the Terms of Use, click here.

Why do you want my email? Are you going to spam me?

No. AudaciaSoftware does not send unsolicited email to anyone. We also do not share your email address with anyone. We do send some emails to those who confirm that they would like to receive news from TheLottoSite and/or AudaciaSoftware. If you do not wish to receive such notifications you can switch it off on the user settings page.

The result of a wheel generation is a substancial amount of data that we have to store on our servers. To be able to retrieve it back we need an identifier. What better identifier than your email address? You will never forget it. In addition, if you forget your password we can send it to you in a reminder email.

I forgot my password, asked for an email with it and it never came

Did you checked your spam folder? Some popular mail providers, most notably Hotmail, sometimes mark our email as spam. This is due to a lack of a registry on our domain server and we are working to solve it. The problem is that Yahoo (our domain name register) does not support the anti spam technology sponsored by Microsoft and we are caught between a standards war. We are taking measures to overcome this problem.

Using TheLottoSite

Why do I always have to login?

TheLottoSite requires the use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser. On this cookie we store your user id (encrypted) and while you have this cookie on your browser you can access any website page since we know who you are. As soon as this cookie is gone we require you to login so that we know again who you are.

When logging in, there is a checkbox with a remember me option. If this option is not selected we only set a session cookie. A session cookie is a cookie that is deleted when you close your web browser. If you want us to remember who you are after you close your web browser then you must select the remember me checkbox. If you do that we set a cookie on your browser that is not deleted for the next 30 days.

I have a great idea. Can you implement it?

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Use our support page to send them to us. We can't promise that we will implement all, but we are going to look and evaluate every single one of them.


Why some of my wheels are so small?

Many factors can influence the size of your wheel. The smaller it is the cheaper it is to play with such wheel, but your chances of getting a prize are quite lower.

If your wheel has too few boards, you can try to:

  • Decrease the minimum value of your guarantees;
  • Reduce the numbers of filters;
  • Make your filters less stringent;

If your conditions are too tight you run the risk that there is no solution, and your resulting wheel will have no boards. Try to apply one of the solutions above to make the problem easier to satisfy.

Why do you have a timeout during the wheel generation?

Since all calculations are done in our servers, we must have a way to avoid that they get too busy. The timeout guarantees that no one uses too much resources, degrading other users experience.

Why are some wheels calculated so fast?

We save previous results. If your wheel matches a wheel previously calculated we reuse it, and you get the result immediately, without re-calculating.

Why are some calculations slow?

Several factors affect the speed a wheel is calculated. Among the most common reasons why a wheel takes too much time you can find the following:

  • The more numbers you choose, the higher the number of possible combinations you have;
  • The biggest the difference between the minimum and maximum of each guarantee, the longer it takes to calculate the wheel;
  • The more guarantees you have, the longer it takes to verify them;
  • The more filters you have, the more time is taken to verify if each board satisfies all filters

For wheels that take too long and reach the timeout of your profile, we recommend the use of the calculation method "Super Fast", which can be set on step 5 of the wizard.

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TheLottoSite offers a complete set of tools to play in a smart way: creation of lottery wheels, bet slip printing on your own printer, large set of statistics and full list of all drawings! It's the most complete and powerful tool for lottery wheels! And it's free!

Lottery wheels improve your chances of winning lottery and lotto games by arranging the numbers you choose in a clever way, following advanced mathematical theories. Learn more about what are lotto and lottery wheels, or try now our free lottery wheel generator.

Below, you can find the list of all pre-configured lotto games in our system. You can also create your own games, or ask us to pre-configure them for you.

AT - Lotto, AU - 6 from 38 Pools, AU - Lotto (mon,wed), AU - Lotto (sat), AU - OZ Lotto, AU - Powerball, BE - EuroMillions, BE - EuroMillions (50+9), BE - Lotto, BR - Dupla Sena, BR - Loto Fácil, BR - Mega Sena, BR - Quina, CA - Lotto 649, CA - Lotto Super 7, CH - EuroMillions, CH - EuroMillions (50+9), DE - Lotto, ES - Bonoloto, ES - El Gordo, ES - EuroMillones, ES - EuroMillones (50+9), ES - La Lotto 6/49, ES - La Primitiva, FR - EuroMillions, FR - EuroMillions (50+9), FR - Loto, FR - Loto (avant 2008), IN - Fast Lotto, IN - Super Lotto, PT - EuroMilhões, PT - EuroMilhões (50+9), PT - Loto2, PT - Totoloto, PT - Totoloto (antigo), TR - On Numara, UK - DailyPlay, UK - EuroMillions, UK - EuroMillions (50+9), UK - Lotto, UK - Thunderball, US - Illinois Little Lotto, US - MegaMillions, US - Powerball