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TheLottoSite offers a complete set of tools to play in a smart way: creation of lottery wheels, bet slip printing on your own printer, large set of statistics and full list of all drawings! It's the most complete and powerful tool for lottery wheels! And it's free!

Lottery wheels improve your chances of winning lottery and lotto games by arranging the numbers you choose in a clever way, following advanced mathematical theories. Learn more about what are lotto and lottery wheels, or try now our free lottery wheel generator.

Below, you can find the list of all pre-configured lotto games in our system. You can also create your own games, or ask us to pre-configure them for you.

AT - Lotto, AU - 6 from 38 Pools, AU - Lotto (mon,wed), AU - Lotto (sat), AU - OZ Lotto, AU - Powerball, BE - EuroMillions, BE - EuroMillions (50+9), BE - Lotto, BR - Dupla Sena, BR - Loto Fácil, BR - Mega Sena, BR - Quina, CA - Lotto 649, CA - Lotto Super 7, CH - EuroMillions, CH - EuroMillions (50+9), DE - Lotto, ES - Bonoloto, ES - El Gordo, ES - EuroMillones, ES - EuroMillones (50+9), ES - La Lotto 6/49, ES - La Primitiva, FR - EuroMillions, FR - EuroMillions (50+9), FR - Loto, FR - Loto (avant 2008), IN - Fast Lotto, IN - Super Lotto, PT - EuroMilhões, PT - EuroMilhões (50+9), PT - Loto2, PT - Totoloto, PT - Totoloto (antigo), TR - On Numara, UK - DailyPlay, UK - EuroMillions, UK - EuroMillions (50+9), UK - Lotto, UK - Thunderball, US - Illinois Little Lotto, US - MegaMillions, US - Powerball