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2007-02-11 Send by email

We released today a new small feature, which is surely useful for most of our users: send a lotto wheel by email. The option is available in the menu that pops up when you hoover the mouse over a wheel's name in the list wheels screen.

2007-01-28 Tutorials

There is now available a section with tutorials. Each tutorial describes how to work with a given area of the site. The first tutorial to be available is how to create a lotto wheel. The tutorials are small movies that use Flash technology.

2007-01-26 Printing of pay slips for most British games

We have just added the possibility of printing pay slips for most UK games. These include Lotto, Thunderball, DailyPlay, and naturally EuroMillions. We support lottos for over 4 continents now in list of printable pay slips. From the American Powerball or MegaMillions, to the Brazillian Mega Sena or Loto Fácil, without forgeting all national versions of Euro Millions pay slips, and many others.
Do you wish to be able to print pay slips of games that we do not support yet? No problem, just send us a real size scan of the print slip to TheLottoSite? Send us an email to and we will try to attend your request.

2006-12-10 Printing of tickets

From now on you can print directly your lotto wheels into paper tickets, saving hours of effort and minimizing errors.
More information on this important features is available in the help page.

2006-11-28 New name

Aleator was renamed to There are several reasons behind this change, being the main one the fact that we didn't reach an agreement for the aquisition of the domain
Please update your bookmarks. You can continue to use your account with exactly the same email and password. All of your data was kept, including the wheels you had already created. If you forgot your password you can ask it to be sent to you by email here.

2006-11-14 New version

New version of Aleator, introducing a third method of wheeling that is extremely fast. Now, all wheels can be calculated within the time limit.
More information is available in the help page.

2006-11-12 New version

A new version of Aleator was released today, introducing a new method of wheeling that distributes the numbers in a more uniform way.
More information is available in the help page.

2006-11-03 New version

Audacia Software releases a new version of Aleator, bringing new functionalities to the market, which make Aleator even more powerfull. The improvements are:

  • Statistics over some of our pre-defined games
  • Drawings of those same games
  • Performance improvements in the wheeling engine, specially with total guarantees and filters
  • FAQ page
  • Other improvements...

Audacia Software is confident that these new features will please our users.

2006-10-01 Future Enhancements

Audacia Software has the commitement before our users to maintain Aleator always up to date, without additional costs. Future versions of Aleator are now being planned, and our team is focusing on the following items:

  • Direct printing of tickets
  • New algorithms to generate wheels
  • Statistics
  • Automatic choice of numbers to play
  • Automatic verification of results
  • and many others...

Stay tune to Aleator!
Do you have other good ideas? Send us an email to

2006-09-30 Aleator is launched!

Audacia Software made public their new software for lotto wheel calculation. This new revolutionary product is distinguished from others since is a web-base service, not another desktop application. To access Aleator the user only requires a web browser. Have no fuss with software installation or operating system upgrading. Have the Aleator always available and always updated with the lattest fixes.

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