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Play UK Lotto

By Barry Sheppard

The National Lottery UK is one of the most profitable lotteries from anywhere in the world. Since its launch in November 14, 1994, the UK lottery has out scored its counterparts with huge success, with record total prize winnings reaching over $18 billion. Within its first week of inception, more than twenty- four million people played the UK lottery.

The appeal of the lottery appears to have been widespread as it enticed people of all ages sixteen and above as well as all social classes. The display of enthusiasm in which the public has embraced the game has been remarkable. It has resulted in substantial jackpots and around one million prizes winners per week. Since its launch, sales of UK lotto tickets alone have exceeded UK lotto of $40 billion across all games.

Lottery balls in sets of forty- nine are stored in sealed security containers. The balls are examined for uniformity by the office of National Weights and Measures which will ensure that no numbers have a better chance of being drawn than others. Anyone can play UK Lotto, but obviously you must be in the United Kingdom to purchase a ticket.

The Draw Manager loads the balls from left to right which are separated into eight columns. There are six balls placed in each column except the first column is set with seven balls. The seventh ball happens to be number forty- nine. You are to select six numbers that are between one and forty- nine and include the dates you wish to play. If your six numbers that you entered matches the first six main numbers drawn in any order, you may win or you must share in the multi million pound Jackpot prize. If your six numbers picked matches five of the first six main numbers drawn, plus the bonus number, you will win a Match five plus bonus prize.

The bonus ball is only relevant to players that match five of the six drawn numbers. More so, those players who match exactly five as well as the bonus ball receive a larger prize. In the case that your six number entry matches any five or four number from the first six main numbers drawn in any order, that indicates a Match five or Match four prize winnings respectively. You can also win a Match three prize if the six numbers you entered were to match any three numbers from the first six main numbers drawn.

If no one matches six, the game is subject to close. Thereby, all of the plays for the proceeding draws are extracted to form a "pool" which is identified as Rollover. The Rollover is limited to three consecutive draws. The Rollover during UK Lotto may occur frequently, namely once every few draws.

For your information, syndicates which run a multi- win syndicate system will dramatically increase the odds in your favor. You can even win with just two correct matches instead of the usual three ball minimum. The draw is conducted on Wednesday and Saturday only.

The winning numbers are available by visiting the website, www.national around twelve hours after the draw taken place. You may also catch the results on selected television stations around the time of the draw. In some countries you may even find the information in the newspapers.

The National Lottery of the United Kingdom is operated by Camelot group. The license was granted to them in 1994 and again in 2001. The UK Lotto is regulated by the National Lottery Commission. All prizes are paid as a lump sum and are tax free. This is true under the United Kingdom law. Unlike many United States lotteries which are taxed by the state; perhaps this is why this lotto appeals to so many people.

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