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Free Lottery or Lotto System

By Barry Sheppard

LEARN TO WIN - Wheeling made Simple

Let us assume you wanted to pick 16 numbers so you could use the system below. This system is for 16 numbers with a guarantee that if the 6 winning numbers are in the 16 you choose, then you will have at least one line of 3 that will fall together, which in the UK gives a minimum of £10 for an outlay of £6, and if the numbers fall right you could have a line of 4 or 5 or even the JACKPOT.

I have tried this system for a couple of weeks, on one occasion I had 5 in my selections and got 2 lines of 3, giving me a return of £20 for an outlay of £6. Another set had 4 in the 16 and I got a line of 3 - another £10. So even discounting the guarantee you can get wins even when you have not got the 6 numbers in your 16 selections. It all depends on how the numbers fall into the system that you are using. This applies to all systems but as your guarantee gets better so your stake becomes larger (and so do your chances of bigger wins)

I am using 49 Lottery numbers but it will work on any Lottery or Lotto that requires you to choose 6 numbers per line.

Example: Choose 16 numbers from 1 - 49. Use this chart.

A=4, B=7, C=11, D=16, E=19, F=20, G=24, H=25, I=29, J=30, K=33, L=34, M=38, N=40, O=44, P=47

These are the letters you should select for wheeling your 6 lines of numbers.

1 A, B, C, F, J, L

2 A, G, I, J, K, N

3 B, H, I, J, M, N

4 C, F, H, I, J, O

5 D, E, G, L, O, P

6 D, E, H, L, M, P

Now you have these 6 lines of 6 numbers

1. 4 7 11 20 30 34

2. 4 24 29 30 33 40

3. 7 25 29 30 38 40

4. 11 20 25 29 30 44

5. 16 19 24 34 44 47

6. 16 19 25 34 38 47

Transfer these 6 sets of numbers onto your lottery boards and HEY PRESTO you've now wheeled your 16 numbers.

You will find that some systems use numbers instead of the alphabet - the same thing applies - put your numbers under the system numbers and drop them into the white spaces below. If you did not know how wheeling works - you do now! I want you to learn to win. I want you and your relations and friends to win, so please tell me when you do.

Practice on a piece of paper - choose 16 numbers from 1 - 49. (or whatever numbers your Lottery has) Put them in your chart using A-P.

Write down your 6 lines of 6 and enter them on your Lotto card. Congratulations. You have just wheeled your 16 numbers.

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About The Author

Publishing pro and author/filmmaker Barry Sheppard helps you put the odds on your side by showing you exactly what steps you must make at every stage, from picking your numbers to using winning wheeling systems.

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