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Example Of Lotto or Lottery Wheel In Action

By Barry Sheppard

Two players pick the same numbers but get different results. How?

Bill and Bev have both picked the same set of 10 lotto numbers:

8 11 14 17 23 25 28 33 38 and 44

Each plays three combinations for the next draw in their pick six game. Both players did a great job of picking numbers! Their game draws these six winners:

8 11 14 28 33 44

First let's see how Bill played the system.

Bills System

Bill has his own 'system'. He plays the first six numbers in one combination. He plays the middle six in the combination and the last six in his third combination.

Here's his system:

8 11 14 17 23 25

14 17 23 25 28 33

23 25 28 33 38 44

Bill has 3 winning lines of 3. In fact 1 set of 3 from each set of 6. He thinks he has a good coverage of his numbers.

8 11 14

14 28 33

28 33 44

Bill has no system at all. Just picked some numbers. A Lottery wheeling system would have got him more.

Next let's look at Bevs Lotto wheeling system.

Bev uses her numbers. She uses a wheeling system similar to those published in Lotto Buster. First she puts her 10 numbers into the places marked by letters A through J.

A=8, B=11, C=14, D=17, E=23, F=25, G=28, H=33, I=38, J=44

Her system gives her these 3 sets of 6

8 11 14 17 23 25

8 11 14 17 38 44

23 25 28 33 38 44

Her wheel will give her at least one four number winner if the six winning numbers match any six of her ten.

The games winners are:-

8 11 14 28 33 44

Bev has a four number winner in her second combination with: 8 11 14 44. She also has three number winner in her other two combinations.

Bevs wheel has a guarantee: if she matches the game's winning numbers with any six of her 10 wheeled numbers, the wheel gives her at least a four number win. And that's exactly what happened. She took home one, four-number win plus two, three number wins.

Here are some important points.

Both players spent exactly the same amount of money to play three combinations, it didn't cost Bev anymore to play her wheeling system. Bill might suspect that if he spent a little more he might have received a four number winner too. Bev knows she does not have to spend anymore because she already has a complete wheeling system for this prize.

Here's the main difference:

Bevs wheel gives her a guarantee of a minimum win with four numbers for matching six of the game's numbers. Bill does not have this guarantee. You can prove this to yourself.

Look at the 10 numbers each player starts with and make different six number sets out of them - exactly like the lottery might make.

For each combination you make. Bev gets a four number winner. You'll find 10 ways that Bill can't do this.

For example, try these two combinations:

8 11 17 28 33 and 38


11 14 17 28 33 and 38

Bev scores again each time and Bill does not.

So, to maximise your chances of winning some kind of prize, pick your numbers carefully and use a wheeling system.

LottoBuster contains details of statistical information plus wheeling systems to fit all pockets - Choose one that that fits your budget and take aim at the prize you want. What do you look for in a wheel? You can choose from many kinds of wheels - for lower prizes up to the jackpot. Which is right for you?

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